Slides of my talk SVG and React ( ReactJS Tokyo December 2017 )

A few weeks ago I gave a talk in the ReactJS Tokyo meetup. When I arrived to Japan a few months ago one of my goals was to contribute in some way to the local JavaScript community, so I searched for conferences and meetups and found ReactJS Tokyo. After contacting the organizers and meeting with one of them, things were arranged and I was one of the speakers.

The topic I chose was SVG and React. There’s different approaches to loading and manipulating SVG within React, so my goal was to present a series of tools and techniques to use depending on the use case. I’ve been working a lot with SVG and React and to solve some of the challenges presented, I maintain a tool called react-samy-svg that makes it easy to load and manipulate external SVG files. Github repository

After the presentations ended, I had the opportunity to meet some cool people. The feedback I received was positive.

Check the slides here