Share data between user sessions with airpaste

I use different user sessions on the same computer to separate personal / work environments. When I need to share some file or text between them I use a litte utility called airpaste created by mafintosh.

It’s designed to share text,files or other streams across 2 computers on the same local network, but works fine across sessions on the same computer.


  1. install nodejs on your computers
  2. from the command line type: npm install -g airpaste


To share the clipboard contents from a Mac

From Mac 1)

 >  pbpaste | airpaste

From computer 2) > airpaste (outputs) > “This is some text”

This is much more elegant than having to send an email, or sending a skype/messenger message

(Note: pbpaste is not available in linux/windows but there are alternatives for those OSs)

Sharing a file:

From computer 1)

cat myfile.mp3 airpaste

From computer 2)

airpaste > myfile.mp3