(Work log) Interactive story app builder

There is a lot of opportunities to use mobile for rich interactive stories, one of the problems authors face is that creating those apps requires a large investment that is not easy to recover with the app sales.

I’m working in a product that makes it easier and cheaper for authors to create the app with a nice GUI, and package it as a mobile app. I have a basic prototype and is nice to be able to create basic interactions without having to code.

One great thing of text based adventure games is that you have to use your imagination more, i plan to have a mix of visuals / text so you still use your imagination but with some visuals / audio to enrich the atmosphere.

This is a preview

AppsCo Demo Saving a friend from Hugo Zapata on Vimeo.

I’m looking into funding options, so i can work on this platform full time. I see a lot of potential and a lot of authors would benefit from this platform.

My roadmap to ship it is:

1) Look for funding while working part time 2) Finishing version 0.1 with a minimal but useful set of features 3) Invite some author(s) to give it a try to get feedback and iterate 4) Keep improving it, add more people to the team and release a v1

If you are interested in following the process you can follow me on twitter or send me an email.