Google glass possibilities (1)

A simple yet very useful Google glass application for deaf people.

A lot of things have been said about Google Glass, people make jokes about it, and a lot of hype is about being creepy, looking ridiculous, etc.

This sounds familiar, the same story happened with the IPad , people made jokes, upload funny pictures, and failed predictions were abundant;

I see a lot of possibilities with this kind of technologies. Google glass is part of the first iteration of products, and they will have flaws but will eventually be polished.

Ambient sounds to text with Google Glass.

What if you are deaf and with some software and a mic, you could see the text that was converted from the ambient sounds. Something like this:


With a powerful sound to text engine, this could improve the quality of life of deaf people. They would not need to read lips, and would be able to “listen” if someone behind them called them, someone shouts, an emergency alarm is triggered, etc.

I’m really excited about the possibilities of this technology. People with dissabilities are a niche that could be possitively affected by this. Let’s hope an innovative ecosystem develops around this.

Original image by zebarnabe

Speaker designed by Samuel Q. Green from The Noun Project