NodeJS testing with Mocha and Should

There are a lot of frameworks to include tests in your projects, one popular choice is Mocha and the Should package for the assertion syntax.


Mocha Should


npm install -g mocha npm install should

(-g flag used to install mocha globally so it will be possible to use the mocha executable from anywhere)

Assertions with Should.

Should is a NodeJS module that makes it easy to declare assertions in a kind of natural language. It will throw an exception if the code does not comply with them.

Check the should.js documentation or source for all the features.

Using Mocha and Should

In the following snippet a fake Validator component will be tested

Running the tests with mocha executable

If you invoke mocha from the command line, it will search for a file called tests.js or a directory called tests. You can also specify the name of the test file as:

mocha mytestfile.js

Presenting the results

Mocha has a parameter called ‘reporter’ that allows to get the results in different formats. To list all the avalaible reporters use

mocha --reporters

Using the spec reporter

mocha -R spec mochatest.js

We will get the following:

Mocha results